About Us

Looking to the future. Working in harmony with the worlds natural energy sources.

Our team have a wealth of experience in investing in renewable energy based assets, with the goal of securing long term, low risk income streams on behalf of local authorities, government, pension funds, SWF (Sovereign Wealth Funds) and substantial private family offices.

We invest in long term renewable energy and to enhance local communities sustainability, whilst at the same time assisting small island nations become 100% self sufficient in the generation of energy.  We provide investment in renewable energy sources including Wind, Photo Voltaic, Waste to Energy and Tidal. Sources that will produce green energy and long term income streams.

The principals of the business have introduced the various renewable energy investments set out in this website to WWRE.

Currently we have invested between £15 – £300 million around the world. We identify the assets, use third party specialists for the due diligence, acquire and manage the assets over many years.