500mw Wind Farm in India

WWRE invests in 500 MW of Wind Turbines in India with existing assets with income enhancement opportunities.

Deal snapshot

Investment of up to $500 million in existing assets of income producing primarily wind renewable energy with a further investment to increase the PV and stabilisation of the income stream.

Deal overview

Circa US $500 million is being sought as debt/equity to acquire and extend existing income producing assets. These assets are existing wind turbines throughout India with the opportunity to increase income stream by expanding the assets and installing Photo Voltaic parks to the grid. There is the opportunity to invest $500 million in debt or $300 million in equity and we can raise the rest in debt.

  • This will give security of training/employment to over 1000 people over a long-term period of more than 20 years.
  • It will give energy security and provide a long-term income stream to any investors whilst at the same time reducing carbon footprints by generating clean energy.
  • We will not only acquire the current assets but also enhance the production by the installation of PV and reduce balancing charges by the commissioning of batteries/hydrogen storage.
  • The assets are immediately available and so any investment will receive a return very quickly.
  • We are also looking for an initial tranche of $10 million as a first loss guarantee to offer increased comfort to the long-term investors.
  • We are on the lookout for suitable blended support mechanisms. First-loss guarantee would be the preferred instrument.

Blending Approach

Public or philanthropic investors are subordinate or concessional within the capital structure.

Intended development impact

The social impact will be through offering training, employment and green energy security for over 20 years. The deal will be used as a pioneering model to be rolled out throughout, Asia, Caribbean, South America, Africa and the rest of the world. It will fulfil the social impact criteria of any Green Fund or Socially Responsible Fund looking for a long term income strip and measurable positive social outcomes.